10 Top Spring Tips for your Vechicle

Our spring vehicle tips will help you and your family stay safe..........

Fact:2,600 deaths a year occur from neglected vehicle maintenance. – National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration

Our Highways here in AZ have a large number of accidents due to bad tires and other maintenance issues please have your vehicle inspected before you take a "road" trip.

Each year cold temperatures, winter vacation “road” trips, potholes, batteries, tires, brakes and suspensions put our vehicles to the test. While most new vehicles have “smart” computer systems that can alert us about this and that there can be some components that can make our vehicles unsafe if left unattended. Do NOT ignore Dash Lights.

1. Batteries, Plugs & Wires: All of these components give the spark to your vehicle and they work extra hard when it’s cold. Winter stress can compromise their performance up to 60 percent. Lighting Storms can weaken batteries or cause no starts. Test and replace old or weak batteries, plugs and wires, especially those more than three years old. It will certainly be cheaper than a tow and replacement down the road.

2.Tire Pressure: Cold weather can reduce tire pressure, so make sure all tires, including the spare, are properly inflated and balanced. Cold mornings and warm afternoons can affect your tire pressure, if your dash light comes on have them checked to ensure proper tire pressure.

3.Belts and hoses: Inspect and replace worn or cracked belts, as well as hoses that are blistered, brittle or too soft. Belts and hoses older than five years, even if they look intact, might need to be replaced.

4.Brakes: After a cold winter it is advisable to inspect your vehicles brake system, brake lines, hoses, parking brake and brake fluid for proper level. We rely on our brakes and something as simple as a brake pad change. Listen for noises when you apply your brakes, if you hear a squeal or grinding noise have them inspected as soon as possible. By ignoring the noise or “putting it off” could increase your cost of the repair.

5.Suspension & Wheel Alignment: Deep potholes aren’t friendly to shocks and struts. In Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and surrounding areas our roads have many issues. Inspection is needed to determine wear or leaks can alleviate bigger issues down the road. Also having your wheels properly aligned can help keep you on the road in a safe and less wear on your tires.

6.Fluid Levels: Our environment has many changes: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant and, yes, even windshield washer fluid should be checked every 3,000 miles to avoid engine issues that can be very costly.

7.Engine Air filter: Changing out the engine air filter and Cabin filters can be done during any service or repair. With all the dust in Arizona we recommend every 3,000 miles to have it inspected or more if you are driving on a dirt road on a regular basis.

8.Windshield Wipers: Should be checked, with high temperatures during the summer with monsoon rains and cold winter days can crack and wear wipers.

9.Declutter your Vehicle: Take the time to declutter your vehicle; losing the extra weight can significantly increase your gas mileage too.

10.1000,000 Plus miles maintenance: The average family drives about 12-15k miles which means that it is around the 7-10 year mark and time for full inspection bumper to bumper. If you keep up with maintenance there is no reason that you can’t see most vehicles odometer go to 200,00 miles and beyond.

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