• Seven Signs you need brake work done

    Monday 23 February 2015

    Seven Signs You Need Brake Work Done Posted on February 10, 2015 by Eli Banayan Safety is a top consideration for drivers. While today’s cars offer more safety features than ever, from passive devices like air bags to active features such as stability control, nothing replaces careful attention to the most fundamental safety feature: brakes. An annual brake inspection should be at the top of every motorist’s to-do list. Better yet, year-round attention to braking performance... read more

  • Untitled

    Friday 19 September 2014

    Winter is coming, what service should we do? First and upmost should be a comprehensive vehicle inspection. Winter time, wiper blades, tires, and brakes are most important. Going to visit relatives during the holidays? Want peace of mind? Performing a complete 45 point vehicle inspection is very important. Tire pressures should be checked and adjusted as needed. Inspection of dried out wiper blades from summer heat. Engine and fuel induction service. Spark plug repla... read more

  • Pack Rats damaging vehicles

    Wednesday 02 July 2014

    Pack Rats damaging vehicles This is the worse time of year for pack rat damage. They hide and nest in vehicles. Whether you drive every day or once a week, all vehicles are subject to pack rat issues. We have been using a product for last 6 months which seems to be a great deterrent. Basic install for $ 74.90 parts & labor. We also have home use available for purchase. Great for sheds, laundry rooms, outside cabinets, & garages. Call us for details

  • Why is repairing newer vehicles today different than the last 10-15 years?

    Monday 30 June 2014

    The vehicles are completely different today as we all know. We have onboard computers / modules that tune your vehicle as you drive. There is no tune-up per say any more. Ignition and fuel related parts are changed at specific intervals. We have engine management systems, transmission management systems, and even body control management systems. There are specific fluids for vehicles, no more 1 coolant fits all for example. For all the extensive technology that is used in today’s vehic... read more

  • What is the right number for Oil change in Arizona and why?

    Sunday 29 June 2014

    Most manufacturer’s maintenance intervals are not always realistic to customer driving habits and locations. Driving and idling in our considered extreme conditions. 5,000 mile intervals should be the maximum. Even considering whatever engine oil your vehicle is required to use. There are many things to consider when having engine oil service. Going more than 5,000 miles without a professional technician inspecting the vehicle is pushing the limits. There are other vital components to... read more

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