• Summer tips for travel

    Saturday 28 June 2014

    Any trip we recommend a comprehensive 45 point vehicle inspection. All safety, mechanical, and fluid conditions are thoroughly gone through by a professional technician. Carry some bottled drinking water, and hat for outside. Standing or waiting for a tow service in our summer time conditions can be very harmful and dangerous. Especially if you have a long wait for help. If long distance driving 6 hours plus walk around vehicle while fueling and look for any under inflated tires. Look... read more

  • Why is there a difference in oil change prices? One shop say’s $15.95 another say’s $45.00 & up?

    Friday 27 June 2014

    In my 35 years of experience, and working in the business. There is no $15.00 - $20.00 oil change service. In my professional opinion, Oil change service should not be used as a gimmick to get your vehicle into a shop. Price will vary from vehicle to vehicle. There is no 60-70 % of all vehicles’ taking same amount of fluids and filter anymore. Today’s vehicles are specialized to the point of different oil viscosities and even specific brands. Spin on filters v/s cartridge filters. All o... read more

  • Why is there a charge for diagnostics?

    Thursday 26 June 2014

    "Diagnosis is the conclusion not the process" Vehicles of today are so technologically advanced that we really don’t diagnose per say. We test circuits and systems to determine faults. Vehicle on board computers are capable of correcting faults to a point that you as a driver don’t even know a fault is happening. It takes very expensive equipment, highly educated and experienced technicians to perform tests and determine faults. Not all technicians are qualified anymore, like i... read more

  • Integrity Automotive & Integrity Diesel’s Commitment to the Automotive Industry and Our Community

    Saturday 31 May 2014

    Integrity Automotive and Integrity Diesel are very involved within our community. As owners we have always believed in giving back to the community. After all, our community is the reason we are in business. Our children and grandchildren go to local schools, play sports, and go to church in our community. We donate automotive services to several local churches for those that need a little extra help. We support many local sports teams and a local woman drag racer. Integ... read more

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